Children who undergo this training will not only have the ability to absorb information and excel academically, but also be able to learn more easily and perform in sports and arts. It’s all about teaching the brain to act as a whole and utilize the power of both hemispheres. Students are already excelling in different fields just by utilizing one side of the brain more dominantly than the other. Imagine the limitless possibilities of their abilities when they are able to engage both parts of the brain. It can certainly lead to higher performance in school and exams, greater performance on the sports field, and serve as a path to a better future. The child will have more opportunities available to them and be able to achieve bigger and greater goals later in life, as well.

Children will be given an opportunity to do activities of ALPHA & THEATA level vigorously throughout the workshop.Conventional school emphasize predominantly on BETA waves & neglect the importance of ALPHA & THEATA wave learning environment which are for more conducive.

  • It Improves a Person’s Thinking Ability and Mental Power by Using Both Brain at a time.
  • It will Improve Memory and Concentration.
  • It Enhances Logical & Creative Ability.
  • It Improve Self Confidence and Emotional Stability.
  • It Improves IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) & EQ ( Emotional Quotient).
  • Improve Visualization skill.
  • Super sensory Development.
  • Your Child’s Pathway to Genius.